TED Talk: Jacqueline Novogratz on escaping poverty

Jacqueline Novogratz talks about the Acumen Fund for very low income people, loans and patient captial. You can find her book, The Blue Sweater, here:

Economic factors and the success of the Arab Spring

[Updated January 2, 2017] I’m not surprised, and yet I continue to be surprised. In the last six months I’ve seen many of the countries that grampa wrote about years ago explode on to the world’s stage. In some cases,…

Nicholas Kristof says a hug is where the end of poverty begins

In this OP-ED column, Kristof writes that there is a relationship between stress, short tempers and “tangles” with the law. These lead to “pathologies” in the poor, to their “self-destructive” behavior, and that this is something that liberals don’t like…