Access to drinking water and sanitation infographic

Why journalists fear for their safety

Depending on what they do for or against you, journalists can make or break political candidates, promote or alienate movements, legislation and change. On March 22, 2014, Radio Free Europe’s Journalists in Trouble section featured a story about the slaying…

We want you… in a classroom – infographic

Although enrollment in primary education is growing, there is a global shortage of teachers.

Most underemployment is not documented. Zambia’s economy infographic.

Unemployment in Zambia is the most important issue for the country to tackle, but most of it is not documented.

Can we set educational standards for the developing world?

Educational standards in the U.S. I’ve been hearing a lot about the Common Core Standard being adopted in schools across the United States. Set by educators and consistent from state to state, the Common Core Standards are supposed to let…

If you have access to a bank account, you’re probably a man.

by Column Five Media.

Early Childhood Education and Development Infographic

by worldbank.

Ethiopia Economic Development Infographic

A Closer Look at International Aid Is international aid helping to alleviate poverty? A closer look at the structure of Ethiopia’s economy gives us some insight… The case of Ethiopia Learn more about international development and the case for more…