Special Thanks

Many kind and thoughtful people crowdfunded Poor By Design through the Kickstarter campaign "Working for $1".

working-for-a-dollarIn particular, we would like to thank:

Jialan Wang
Eva Gonzalez Ortega
Ida Gonzalez Lockhart
Onelia Crespo
Russell Baruffi
G. Graham Boyce
Jose A. Martinez
Molly Shabica
Ali Hassani
Ted Jou
John Tollefsen
John Colagioia
David Golombek
Damian Wisniewski
Julianne Burk
Alexis Laing
Dr. Aisha Stroop
Roland Sargeant
Amparo Gordian
Daniel Harley
Hugh C. Thorne
Jomo Thorne
Carmen Ada Gonzalez
Charles P. Snyder

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