Samasource: getting unraveling poverty done

An introduction to Samasource

Okay, this post is *full* of videos. About six years ago my father handed me a page ripped out of an airline magazine. On it was an article about a young woman who, like me, was interested in improving the lives of poor people. I read through the page and a small spark of hope grew in my heart. I still have it and every time I need a little inspiration, I pull it out.

Samasource creates microwork from larger projects from large tech companies by outsourcing in it to people in Kenya, Uganda, India, Pakistan and Haiti. According to the founder, Leila Janah, their work is reframing relationship between donors and the poor, and shifting their role from passive "recipients of handouts or consumers of multinational goods" to digital work providers in rural communities.

Much of what she says in this video and others I've seen is completely compatible with grampa's research. In this research, she explains the relationship with poverty, unemployment and desperation that leads to abuse of themselves and/or others.

How the microwork process works


One story from a Samasource employee