How do you know that you’re investing your money in a way that is inline with your ethics? That’s what socially conscious investing is all about. And if you don’t know, it’s a growing force in the world of investing….

Mapping Corruption

We tend to assume that corrupt public officials are the cause for widespread misery and lack of economic development. They may not be the reason.

What is economic development to India?

The result of India’s election shows that millions of people there want economic development. But what does that look like in India?

Investing for Impact: 15 Responsible Investment Initiatives in Microfinance

The United Nations Environment Program Finance Initiative published Principles for Responsible Investment, which established six guiding principles to help investors put their money where their mouth is… responsibly.

One of the most surprising experiences I had in Ghana was strolling down the dry dusty roads in the capital, turning a corner and finding factories with Mandarin characters on the side. Chinese-owned companies do A LOT of manufacturing in…

Honestly, I get irrationally irritated when people talk about doing things in Africa. It’s not because I have some distorted idea about “feeding starving children in Africa”. In fact, way back in the day, I danced at a fundraiser for…